Luthier Antti Kokkonen

I have always loved working with wood. As a child I was regularly crafting all sorts of useful (and not so useful...) things. This childhood fascination with wood and crafts led me to finish my first guitar in 2009. Inspired by the thrill of the building process I decided to pursue the dream of one day becoming a professional luthier. The dream came true only five years later during the spring of 2014, as I graduated from the guitar building department of Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design. Since then I have been working with a renown finish Master luthier Ari-Pekka Paasonen in his shop, in my home town of Jyväskylä.

Every player should know how inspiring a truly exceptional instrument can be. Only an instrument that suits all needs of the player, can be the most fruitfull channel for the music to flow through. The magical and inspirational connection between the player and the instrument is what all players deserve to experience; every day. As a luthier my goal is to provide my customers with exactly that.


All guitars are supplied with a hard case. Mandolins and ukuleles come with softshell bag or optional hard case.

Steel string guitars

Electric guitars




Prices (vat 24% included)

 Steel string guitars g0 2950 €
  g00 3250 €
 Electric guitars Flat top / bolt on neck 2100 €
  Carved top /glued neck joint 2400 €
 Mandolins Flat top 1650 €
 Ukuleles Soprano - Artisan  800 €
  Soprano - Pro 1000 € 
  Tenor - Artisan 1200 €
  Tenor - Pro  1400 €



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Antti Kokkonen

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Rajakatu 30 A
40200 Jyväskylä
(with Soitinpaja Jasesoi)